wreath envy

December 14, 2011

I’ll admit, I’m a sucker for a beautiful wreath and this holiday season, there have been quite a few that have tickled my fancy.  Forget the articificial evergreens; check out some of these beautiful options.  Most are surprisingly easy to make yourself! Erika of Urban Grace used gold spray paint and ticking stripe ribbon to…

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5 ways to dress up craft paper gift wrap

December 9, 2011

I am not the best gift wrapper.  Despite major OCD and general anal retentiveness, I’m surprisingly one of the worst-I can never get those corners super crisp or use less than half a roll of tape on each package.  So, I have resorted to diverting attention away from my average-wrapped packages with fabulous details, instead. …

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diy: forcing paperwhites

December 6, 2011

Paperwhites are one of my favorite parts of Christmas decorating.  They are so easy to plant and it’s fun to watch them grow each day, but the best part are the fragrant blooms that last well after Christmas.  I usually see them grown in pea gravel, but I’ve always had the best luck growing them…

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simple christmas

December 5, 2011

Sometimes, a little bit really does go a long way.  For me, this is especially true when it comes to decorating for Christmas.  Strings of white lights, fresh greenery, bowls of ornaments, baskets of pine cones, mercury glass and lots and lots of candles make a strong, yet understated, impact.  Most of my Christmas decor…

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thanksgiving table

November 22, 2011

While I should be more concerned with the mammoth meal I am cooking this Thanksgiving, I’m sure most of you who read this blog can relate to my obsession with decorating the table just right!  My two brothers, my father and my husband could care less whether we ate on tv trays, just as long…

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