One of the questions I’ve gotten a lot recently is what are some of my favorite cookbooks. There are two requirements for me to really, really love a cookbook and they are: one, healthy recipes that are delicious and super quick and easy to execute and two, beautiful photography. I’m not just talking about the food; honestly, I could care less if a photo accompanies the recipe or not – rather, I want to see your pantry stocked and organized to within an inch of its life with beautiful baskets, kitchen cabinets and counters overflowing with ironstone, copper pieces and antique bread boards and super simple but also chic table settings to inspire me in my own home.

For me, the Cook’s Atelier checks all of those boxes and then some. I mentioned in a post a few weeks back that I finally got a chance to read it from cover to cover over the Christmas break and, not only is it one of the most beautiful cookbooks I’ve ever seen, but it left me wanting to add some French-inspired pieces to my own kitchen just a few pages in!

The older I get, the more I crave simplicity in every aspect of my life and that most certainly includes my kitchen. I made it a rule a long time ago to only buy items for my kitchen that were as pretty as they are utilitarian and that has kept me from overcrowding my precious counter space with unnecessary decorative objects. Marjorie and Kendall have conquered this by keeping their counters clutter-free and using only marble, copper, glass, wood and brass as accents and the result is nothing short of stunning. Here are a few snaps from the book that inspired me so much – from the all white kitchen, accented with copper and marble, to the simple but beautiful table settings for long, leisurely meals with friends and family…..every image is beautifully layered and so stunning in its simplicity. Be sure to scroll to the bottom for my picks for adding a little French flair to your counters, table and shelves!

Here are a few picks for creating a similar look and feel at home:

Copper canister set / French wine glass / Wooden spoons / Marble pastry board / Bread board / Dish towels / Marble butter keeper / Hammered copper measuring spoons / Picardie drinking glasses / Brass pepper mill / Rectangular marble tray / Wicker handled tray / Marble footed bowl / Wooden riser

Copper canister set – the perfect way to add a little French flair to your counters or pantry.

French wine glasses – my absolute favorites for wine and I use them all the time as water goblets, too!

Wooden spoons – I need to replace some of my own that have cracked and I love this set.

Marble pastry board – love this for corraling oils, pepper grinders and other high-use items!

Bread board – these look as pretty resting against a counter as they do with charcuterie!

Dish towels – simple but so chic!

Marble butter keeper – a pretty way to display an every day staple.

Hammered copper measuring spoons – so pretty and on sale right now!

Picardie drinking glasses – my kids LOVE drinking from these, they feel so grown up and I love them because they’re SUPER durable (Luca knocked one off the kitchen table the first day I had them and it didn’t break!)

Brass pepper mill – a beautiful addition to the table and looks so good on a tray with oils and a crock of wooden spoons!

Rectangular marble tray – perfect for soap and lotion by the sink or another way to corral salt and pepper and olive oil!

Wicker handled tray – perfect for bread or napkins!

Marble footed bowl – I love mine for holding citrus and it’s a simple, but beautiful centerpiece for the table!

Wooden risers – looks so pretty next to the stove with oils and salt and pepper!

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  1. Marty Matthews on February 18, 2021 at 4:52 am

    This book is so wonderful — I read it too after hearing about it on the @designsalvation podcast. I love your picks for capturing the essence of The Cook’s Atelier lifestyle.

    • Kelly on February 18, 2021 at 4:28 pm

      Thank you so much, Marty! It truly is one of the most beautiful cookbooks – so much inspiration!! xx

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