pregnancy survival guide: 10 things I couldn’t live without

February 28, 2014

It’s hard to believe that my baby girl is already nine weeks old today!  Being pregnant feels like a lifetime ago, really.  When I announced my pregnancy, I promised not to turn this into an all-things-baby blog and, aside from a few nursery progress posts, I’ve really tried to stick to that. But today I…

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opening up: my infertility journey

September 2, 2013

In the past, I’ve not been one to post too much personal stuff here on the blog, preferring to stick to all things pertaining to fabulous design and decor, instead, but if you follow me on Instagram (@bungalowblue) you know I have a little secret that I’ve been keeping under wraps online for a while…

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happy 237th birthday!

November 10, 2012

Happy 237th birthday to all the men and women of the United States Marine Corps!  I am so proud to be married to one of your finest!

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around here

November 9, 2012

Happy Friday!  The last few weeks have finally started to feel like Fall around here and I’ve been busy soaking up every little bit of it!  It has been a whirlwind past couple of months, so it’s nice to downshift a little and enjoy the cooler temperatures, the leaves changing and snuggling in front of…

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a little bit of green + a whole lotta love

September 19, 2012

The last two weeks have been draining and emotional, so I apologize for the sporadic blog posts, but thankfully, I’m blessed with fabulous family and amazing friends to help pick my up by my bootstraps when the going gets tough. My sweet hubby surprised me last week with these gorgeous pink gladiolas….they are even more…

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coming up rosey

August 24, 2012

For the last few years, I’ve worn a titanium, kinetic chronograph watch that was a gift to my husband when he first joined the Marine Corps.  I love the large face and the color, but even more, I love that it was his – I’m definitely a sentimental kind of gal, what can I say? …

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a few things I’m loving right now

May 9, 2012

This morning has gotten off to a rocky start, so what better way to brighten the rest of the day than to blog about my latest favorite things! This is, hands down, my absolute favorite bronzer EVER!  I have olive skin and it’s hard to find makeup, especially a bronzer, that doesn’t make me look…

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farewell, big guy

April 13, 2012

My heart goes out to my mom, who said farewell to her 210-pound teddy bear, Cooper, today.  This gentle giant was a constant companion, protector and friend who helped my mom get through some trying times.  Anyone who has ever loved and lost a pet can imagine how heavy her heart is today.  Thank goodness…

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welcome home

November 8, 2011

This weekend marked the end of yet another deployment and it has been so nice having the last few days to unplug (the landscapers next door accidentally cut our phone and internet lines) and recharge with the hubby!  The photo above is from after our first deployment as married kiddos in 2005, but it still…

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never forget

September 11, 2011

For the husband who told his wife I love you one last time before his plane went down in a field, for the wife who stopped in the stairs to call her husband to say “I will love you forever”, for the mothers and fathers who kissed their children goodbye the morning they died, for…

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