“zinc” pots + new topiary

I have quite the love/hate relationship with topiary; I’m completely obsessed with their shape and texture and how much interest they bring to a space but loathe that they are close to impossible to find near me, as well as the fact that they die ridiculously fast whenever I do.  I’ve searched for some realistic fakes for a while now and have found they’re just as difficult to find or crazy pricey.  I randomly stumbled upon these faux thyme topiary on Amazon, and immediately recognized them as the same ones Heather Chadduck used in the butler’s pantry of the Southern Living Show House earlier this year.  They are petite, but they are super realistic and, at under $20, you just can’t beat the price!  I ordered a hand full and absolutely LOVE them!  The only downfall is that the pots are super tiny (which makes it hard to try and pass the plants off as real!)  The sixteen inch plant seems to tip over quite a bit, so I thought a little diy would be a perfect fix.

I bought a few 4.25 inch terra cotta pots to stick the entire plant in and gave them a “zinc finish” and love how they turned out!  I’ve shared this process plenty of times on Instagram but never here on the blog.  It’s so easy!  Here are my steps:

1.  Spray two light coats of this spray paint in Slate and let dry completely.

2.  Mix water and white paint (I use three parts paint and one part water); you want it to be runny.  Using a paint brush, brush the mixture onto the pot and try not to be uniform.  The messier the better.  Let sit for about a minute and then wipe it back with a clean, dry cloth.

3.  After it dries completely, dry brush a light coat of white paint randomly all over the pot and let dry.  

Super easy!

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