DIY: burlap-covered vases

Flipping through the March issue of Coastal Living, I fell in love with these bleached burlap-covered vases from Aero Home:

I got to thinking how easy it would be to make similar ones myself instead of paying upwards of $50 for the ones featured above.  This project cost me $0 because I had all the items I needed on hand already, but burlap costs next to nothing and you can find glass vases at TJMaxx for less than $5, so all-in-all, this is a really inexpensive project.  Take a look at how mine came out.  As candleholders: 

 …or for flowers (rather, in my case, ornamental grass):

All you need is burlap, a cylindrical glass vase, hem tape and some crazy glue. When measuring your burlap, be sure to add an additional two inches to the total length, to allow for a one-inch hem at the top and the bottom.  Fold your bottom hem one inch and iron.

Repeat at the top. 

Lay your hem tape inside the hem and press in place with your iron.

Lay your vase against one end… and gently roll the vase along the rest of the burlap.  (I used a large paperclip to keep the top half of the fabric in place)…

Using the crazy glue very sparingly, glue along the edges of the fabric and press in place:

And you’re done!  Happy crafting!

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